Thursday, April 2, 2009

Getting Started

Well, I am going to start a blog that documents the development of my O scale layout that models the Northern Central in the Sunbury/Northumberland area in the mid 1950's. It features a branch line operation from the Northumberland yard through Reed/Crowl, Shamrock, Paxinos, Weigh Scales and Shamokin to a hidden set of loops hanging from the ceiling that represent Mount Carmel. We also will have a double track main line that leaves Northumberland yard and travels south towards Harrisburg and north towards Renovo. Due to the size of O Scale, these will be represented by hidden sidings.
Design was started in 2005 and not completed until mid 2007. Construction started about that time with the branch line underway first as it is around the walls and climbing for the ceiling. There will be a photo trail beginning with the finishing of the basement. We are working with about 2000 square feet in a very unusal lower case H format. I am always seeking prototype photos and details to give me insight on how to finish the scenery. I have been working from 1935/1945/1968 track charts and photos off the internet all sourced from kind friends.
The construction crew includes 4 of us, 3 of whom are O scalers as we meet on Monday evenings every third Monday at my house. The balance of the time, Rich and I put in construction time as available. I amtrying to keep a log of manhours put into the project as everything seems to take too long to complete.

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