Saturday, December 12, 2009

The beginning of the Main

After about 3 months of work, we have the design essentially completed and now have to transfer it to the basement. You saw us lay the paper, now we are putting in the lower holding tracks with the double track main up the center.
In the shot looking towards the door, you can see the location of an aisle that will allow you to come in the door in the center of the picture, on the left of the column. This is a dead ended aisle that comes towards the center of the 8 track holding area. The main comes from the right, past the vacuum, heading east, and will go into a tunnel just before it flares out. In the next picture you can see the flare on both ends as the holding tracks close back onto the main as we come back in our half circle. This will give me tracks from 20 feet to about 30 feet in length to hold trains going eastbound from Northumberland to Harrisburg, and westbound from Northumberland to Lock Haven. The Northumberland yard will cover the large section of the holding tracks. The yard will be built later after I get this up and can store material under it.
As we look towards that door again, the left end of the line will climb up, circling back to the left and then up into the yard. The right track turns in front of a large house structural member that is behind the column, crosses under the yard throat in a tunnel, comes out of the short tunnel, crosses the Susquahanna and then turns in a half helix to the left to come up and join the branch as the tracks go onto two through truss bridges again crossing the Susquahanna and then enter the yard. This is to try to capture the look of those bridges that the PRR had as they went east out of the yard on the way to Sunbury. If you look carefully, you can see blue in the far distance. that is where the helix is located.
I can't wait to get something running on the main!

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