Saturday, November 19, 2022

A View of the completed tank cars

Here are the completed cars sitting in the yard awaiting weathering.   The first three are 8000 gallon cars that required the frame milling. This is a Philadelphia Quartz car.

Next is a private owner car that enables me to highlight my Italian heritage coupled to a Deep Rock gasoline car.  A very colorful car.
Next are the 10,000 gallon Chemical cars.  These are the easily modified cars. This one is an older release - a Warren car. These cars stand up well next to the Precision brass models of the same class of cars. 
This is a new one - a Hercules Chemical car that is very distinctive.
Lastly, one for my Standard Oil of NJ, carrying LPG. 
This gives you a view of the car ends with the couplers and air hoses
You can see they line up.
And the cars look good from down low as well.

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