Sunday, February 4, 2024

The F7 Saga Continues

Well, I finally had an opportunity to paint the body. I had figured I would save the side that was not damaged and paint the rest, so I had masked that side off. 

The damaged side came out okay and the rivets that I added worked well. 
I had masked the nose herald and it survived okay
Unfortunately, I was not so lucky on the lettered side. The masking tape damaged the lettering and striping. It also pulled off the screens on the vents. Not a good start to my day!
Half the herald came off along with portions of the road name and the striping. 
I was trying to save the road name as I cannot get any more dry transfers because they are no longer made. I am less disappointed as I would also like to make the stripe narrower this time around. 
Looking at it from the rear. 
Left side came out fine. There are some slight wrinkles in the body panels but that is prototypical.  My rivets look good.
As I mentioned, the nose herald survived and I have to put in the headlight housing shortly. This had a sharp crease in it and Mike did a good job getting it out. 
So, I attacked the lettering with a diamond tipped, fine, grinding wheel. 
It removed the lettering and stripe without removing all the paint. The shiny panel is the first coat of paint from the earlier paint job. 
Thus, I carried on to remove the rest of it.
Here is the cleaned up side. Back to the spray booth the coat it. The tank car is awaiting lettering as a SHPX car. 

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