Friday, November 17, 2023

Another source for a tender

So, a more recent model than the 50 year old US Hobbies I1, is the Sunset I1. It has a short tender, the 90f82 as well. It, too, is a bit deficient in its details so I had to rework one. This is an overview of that tender with some pictures to show the difference. I had to move the hatch rearward, add details to the deck and rear, very similar to what I did to the older tender. 
It also did not have any water valves so they were added. 
The rear conduit was improved, a class plate added, and new markers installed. This body was nicer in that there is no rear seam in the body.  
I could not do the applique as easily so I had to forego it. I had a more difficult time with the grab irons up the back of the slope sheet. Drains were moved to the correct location as was the water hatch. This left me with a very large hole in the tender deck which required quite a patch job. 
I added the steam/water lines to the dog-house as well
Here is a comparison of the stock (painted ) Sunset tender, with the improved tender. Quite a change for the better.
The look in the rear. 
I am showing that I milled out the opening in the side of the frame for the lower water valving. 
Here you see the water valves on the top of the legs of the tender, which are missing on the original model. 

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